A blissful WordPress theme

Mardesco is pleased to introduce “Bliss,” a blissful WordPress theme experience for website owners and visitors alike.  Bliss comes packed with useful features, including a logo uploader; theme color style selector; and integrated slideshow.  The theme is SEO-friendly and fully mobile-responsive.  Enjoy premium theme features at a free GPLv2 theme price!  That’s Bliss.

Advanced WordPress theme

“Bliss” presents your content within a clean, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready design.  Behind the scenes, “Bliss” is built on advanced theme options, including built-in slideshows; a theme color switchers; and a logo uploader.

Bliss is now available for free download from the official WordPress theme repository.

Click here to download Bliss from

More screenshots and feature demonstrations… coming soon!  Ish.

The Bliss story

Bliss is based on the Widgeon Advanced WordPress theme framework.  The theme framework was coded from scratch by Jesse Smith.  The project began as an experiment with minimalist empty themes.  The Advanced version of the Widgeon theme framework also integrates the Options Framework by Devin Price; the Simple Breadcrumbs plugin by Christian Budschedl; and a Metaboxes script based on work by Rilwis and Justin Tadlock.

Over time, more features and design decisions were added until eventually Bliss emerged as a full-fledged theme in its own right.  This includes an eye-catching jQuery-based slideshow animation script called “Cycle 2” by M. Alsup; and a unique responsive collapsing navigation menu script by Jesse Smith.

Bliss was submitted to the WordPress theme repository for approval on June 9, 2014.  The theme review and approval process required a series of 35 sets of changes to the source code, to bring it fully into compliance with the WordPress formal requirements for licensing and code quality.  The theme went through no less than 10 sub-versions during this process.  Eventually, the theme was provisionally approved by the theme reviewer after seven weeks, on July 28. Oh, but that wasn’t the end! The theme reviewer’s decision was supposed to be reviewed by a supervisor, but the supervisors were all busy; so Bliss languished in the Trac bin for another seven weeks.

At last, Bliss was made available to the public on September 12, 2014.  All told, the theme approval process took just over three months.  And every minute of the wait was worth it!

We know you will enjoy Bliss, the new responsive WordPress theme from Mardesco.